MetamorFOODsis is an experimental virtual experience that uses food to submerge you in a nostalgic, child-like wonder of connection to a world drifting between fantasy and reality. It explores the transformational experience of the global pandemic of COVID-19, looking at it as stages of grief, as dealing with the loss of our old life. So, we cocoon in our homes, slowly disintegrating our old life into goo while going through a metamorphosis of the mind and soul. 

What if you could disintegrate your material self and travel through a series of bittersweet forgotten memories? What would you see, hear, touch, smell and taste if you were suddenly transformed into an animal, geometric shape or emotion?

In this experience, you will be guided through a series of activities involving simple foods most will find at home. Each activity will help to create consciousness of one’s senses, exploring forgotten memories and sweet emotions from a childhood dream. 

We’ll go through this transformation together, and we’ll come out of this with a feeling of reconnection to the simple, yet most important things in life.



MetamorFOODsis es una experiencia virtual realizada en colaboración con Ana Gutman que invita al espectador a ser parte de un proceso de transformación para redescubrir nuestra percepción sensorial a través de la comida.

Este proyecto surgió como una exploración digital inspirada en la falta de contacto físico y sensorial, a causa de la pandemia que estamos viviendo, así como en los recuerdos de nuestra infancia al explorar nuevos contextos mediante nuestros sentidos.

El vídeo guía al espectador a través de una serie de actividades que permiten percibir la materialidad de los alimentos y ser parte de una experiencia multisensorial.

Exhibiciones: Dutch Design Week 2020

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