Plenilunio is a project developed for the fashion runway Diseño, Escena y Otras Materialidades (DEOM) presented during the arts and science festival El Aleph, organized by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

For this garment, a bioleather was developed through an extensive research process with algae extracts and activated charcoal. The resulted bioleather is a resistant and waterproof material with an elegant texture, similar to synthetic leather.

Then, this material was applied to the design of a shoulder pad, accessories and details, which along with a recycled fabric dress, form the look Plenilunio presented in this show.

The curation of the event was focused on musical genres and opera, so for this concept, I got inspired by rock, metal and alternative genres.

Through this project, I was able to explore the use of alternative materials to replace the representative synthetic and natural leather used in this musical scene.